Society Championship 2022 – Benalmadena

So, its been a couple of weeks since the championship and I’ve finally found some time to reflect on what happened.

Firstly, thanks to Steve Clarke and Barry Dreaves for organising the holiday and sorting all the finances respectively. Special mention to Steve Davies for bringing some quality entertainment as Captain/ compere. I think everyone who was there would say that it was one of the best in recent memory from a pure enjoyment perspective (excluding the near 6 hour round on day 1 which was apparently my fault).

I never really go into these holidays with much expectation as I know that maintaining any kind of score over 3 days playing off a low handicap is pretty much impossible considering the amount of beers I tend to consume (although Josh normally bucks that trend every year). I’m normally content with a mid table finish and spending some time with the FFGS family.

The first round started ominously, Col, Kev and myself struggled to get to the green whilst the bookies favourite Dan Witt sunk a textbook birdie. I subsequently spent the next 3 days just about hanging onto his coat tails. If that first day was difficult, I don’t really know how you would describe the following two rounds, how no-one had a heart attack I’ll never know, it was a good job we had buggies!

As we got to the last 9 on the final day, I suddenly found myself in with a chance of winning and thanks to some self destruction from my playing partners managed to get to the clubhouse leading the final group. I’d heard that a couple of guys were on a score so didn’t count my chickens, but thankfully for me I’d managed to keep everyone at bay and claimed my first championship. The chants of “there’s only one Andy Davies” and the messages of congratulations were very humbling. Thanks to everyone for making it such a memorable day.

It was a special championship for me and I’m sure everyone would agree it will go down in memory as one of the best we’ve had.

Thanks and congrats to our winner, Andy Davies

For full schedule see; Benalmadena

For gallery see Society Championship 2022, Benalmadena

Long Drive – Simon Davies, Dan Foode, Mark Murray

NP – Keith Dreaves, John Aylward, John Aylward

NP2 – Dan Foode, Dan Witterick, Dave Hadden

2’s – Andy Davies (x2), Steve Davies, Steve Clarke

For current League and Helix standings see Current Season.

See you all at Stand Golf Club on the 12th of June

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