Formby Ladies Golf Club – Part Deux

“What a strange old spring we’ve had. Coronavirus has taken over our lives and Colin Davies is making birdies, most of us are looking forward to a return to normality!

We managed one last round in perfect conditions and with half the field isolating it was a great opportunity to claim a win. Only 13 members turned up and with no pre or post round gatherings it didn’t feel quite right. With only Dave Hadden on the practice green missing putt after putt there was a sense of self confidence running through my veins.

With all to play for down the last John fired in a lovely par putt to tie our match play. Coming in with 40 points I wondered who could have beaten me, never did I expect my own dad to rock up with 40 points, that’s normally what you would expect his total to be on the society championship. Also to my surprise Campbell came in with the lowest score of the day. On second thought he did spend most of the day trampling around the gorse which is a pleasant reminder that he is human after all. The only non surprising event was that Dave Hadden walked in.”

Congrats and thanks to the winner, Simon Davies

For full schedule see; 22nd of March 2020 – Formby Ladies Golf Club

Long Drive – Dan Foode

NP – Josh Hadden

NP2 – Lee Hardy

2’s – Josh Hadden 2, Dan Foode, Simon Davies

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you…who knows when!

Formby Ladies Golf Club

Photo from Andy Davies

2020 saw FFGS’s first round of the year return to more familiar surroundings. Formby Ladies at this time of the year is undoubtedly one of the best courses we’re likely to play. Fortunately, the weather was kind, a slight breeze with showers was forecast but it didn’t really come through until the latter holes. The fear was that not all groups would get around due to the lateish start and number of attendees, but speed of play seemed good and all managed to finish.

The slightly shorter course was always likely to result in some good scores, 15 players scored 36 or more with only 4 players scoring less than 30.

The two highest scores both came from the same group. After hitting his second shot of the day into a bush and narrowly missing his co-leaders’ trolley, Josh Hadden came in with a great score of 43! An unbelievable round given his lower handicap, single figures soon Josh! But a back 9 of 25 meant we were tied in the clubhouse with a countback needed to separate the two of us. Fortunately for me, the Hadden Countback Curse struck again to give me my first win and first handicap cut in the society.

After originally coming in with 18, the wooden spoon was reluctantly accepted with a score of 21 after a re-count by Lee.

For full schedule see; 5th of January 2020 – Formby Ladies Golf Club

Long Drive – Andy Davies

NP – Dan Foode

NP2 – Josh Hadden

2’s – Dan Foode x2, Mark Campbell, Lee Hardy

There were a number of matchplays on the day, for current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you next month at Prestatyn

Martyn Wilson

First time FFGS winner! Congrats.

Berrington Hall Golf Club

It proved to be second time lucky for us all at Berrington Hall on Sunday, with great weather for this time of year; Once the drizzle had cleared by 10:10 am a wonderful day developed into winter sunshine and a good breeze.

With a good turnout again, 21, we were well looked after by the catering staff, who offered a hearty full English breakfast to start off the day and a wholesome Chip butty at the end of play.

The Course, although shortened, was in far better condition than was expected and I noted how unusual it was to have the highest green as the wettest – I don’t get that at all! Andy, Evan, Simon and I played as a foursome, whilst Andy and Evan got on with their matchplay, Simon and I tried to distract each other in pursuit of the victory, but the day proved a good one for me as I had Bagger Vance on my shoulder showing me lines of the putts, and I was able to walk in with 10 single putts. Overall, we finished with an average score of 31, which is considered on the high side.

Berrington Hall is a course in transition, with a lot of hard work and planning ahead of themselves. It shows great promise and good value and I for one would very much like to return.

For full schedule see; 8th of December 2019 – Berrington Hall Golf Club

Long Drive – Simon Davies

NP – Dan Foode

NP2 – Dan Witterick

2’s – Mike Bower

There were a number of matchplays on the day, for current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you next month at Formby Ladies

Mike Bower

Committee Exec

Hawarden Golf Club

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A perfect storm seems a suitable turn of phrase to describe the pre match proceedings. A few issues with members handicaps, a bit of a carry on with the order of play, and admittedly my own shortcomings (hope to get better at this) saw to that. That aside I would say the rest of the day went quite well. We enjoyed a very nice full English breakfast (or was it Welsh?) perfect weather conditions, and in my opinion, and in spite of the biblical amount of wet stuff we’ve seen recently, a surprisingly playable course.

As stand in captain in Lee’s absence I was in the first group out. We managed to get around the course in a time of 4 hours 20 minutes. Not the quickest admittedly. I’m unsure as to why the four ball behind us came in 50 minutes later! Perhaps this is something for the committee to investigate/ address.

Apologies for not sticking around to carry out the customary post match presentation duties as required, but I’m guessing that probably went seamlessly well in my absence.  Before leaving I did manage a cursory glance at the majority of score card returns. These indicated that the usual standard of FFGS quality golf was once again being upheld by all participants.

Now to the day’s results. Firstly a well deserved wooden spoon was awarded for a score of 14 points.  The winning score was mine with 37 points. So well done me.

For full schedule see; 3rd of November 2019 – Hawarden Golf Club

Long Drive – Josh Hadden

NP – N.A.

NP2 – Zach Jones

2’s – Steve Davies

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

I think that’s about it. Hopefully see you all on Friday at the presentation night. Failing that it will be next month 1st December at Berrington Hall

John Aylward

Vice Captain

Hazel Grove Golf Club


There was a low turn out for the first event of the season providing a good opportunity to win the first silverware on offer. Scoring was generally low with the midfield packed between 33 and 27 points. The winner played a solid round coming in with 36 points for a 1 shot victory, congratulations to Dan Foode. No more 2 shot holes Dan (for a month at least), welcome to the big leagues!

For full schedule see; 6th of October 2019 – Hazel Grove Golf Club

Long Drive – Josh Hadden

NP – Josh Hadden

NP2 – Phil Woods

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

The next event is at Hawarden Golf Club on Sunday the 3rd of November, see you all there.

Captains Day – Antrobus Golf Club


Yet again we could count ourselves lucky, the weather was perfect, so much so after a few holes i wish I’d decided to bring my shorts! The course looked in great shape (other than the practice green), ready to accommodate 27 holes worth of competition.

The morning Texas Scramble provided a good challenge with the majority of groups between +1 & -1 gross however the winning group came in well clear of the rest on -4 for a much deserved victory.

The main competition proved to be a much more closely run race with neither a back 9 (21 each) or back 6 (12 each) hole count-back separating the top two. The win eventually came via a 1 shot margin in a final 3 hole count-back (7 vs. 6) and 39 points in total, congratulations go to the new Captain, Lee Hardy. Lee now see’s his handicap drop to a desperately low 8.5, still too high based on recent form!

This month marked the end of my captaincy, thanks to Evan and Bill for all they’ve done over the last 12 months, just as you’ve done for captains before and hopefully after me.

For full schedule see; 8th of September 2019 – Captains Day, Antrobus Golf Club

Long Drive – Steve Davies

NP – Steve Davies

NP2 – Josh Hadden

The year end results for the League, Helix and Matchplay can be found at 2018/ 2019 Season.

The next event is at Hazel Grove Golf Club on Sunday the 6th of October. Good luck to the new captain!

Stockport Golf Club


Considering the torrential downpours and subsequent flooding in the area in the weeks leading up to the event the course was in great nick with almost no signs of standing water and conversely firm and consistent fairways and greens. The course was long but lacked hazards meaning ball striking was a premium, if you got off the tee you stood a good chance of scoring well. Once on the greens they were quick and ran true favouring a confident stroke.

We were yet again blessed with fantastic weather with very little wind and sunshine throughout the day. A couple of last minute alterations meant we had 24 players on the day, another solid turn out.

The scoring was generally much better than I would have guessed considering the yardage with only 4 members not reaching the magic 30 point mark and 7 members on 36+ points. There were two stand out performances both with 40+ points however the winner with a staggering 47 points was Iain Hitchmough. Iains score marks the highest ever score achieved in the last 10 years and possibly the highest ever FFGS score (on a course without any temps) since it’s formation. A truly fantastic round, congrats E. You’re rewarded with the biggest handicap cut I’ve ever dished out, a solid 7 shots gone for Captains Day!

I was privileged to observe the Match Play final which was a great game swinging back and forth until we went down the last. The final putt dropped to give the winner a victory 2UP, congratulations to Mike Kirkland, much deserved. Commiserations to Mike Bower for a great runners up performance.

For full schedule see; 4th of August 2019 – Stockport Golf Club

Long Drive – Dave Hadden

NP – Lee Hardy

NP2 – Andy Davies

With only 1 event remaining in the year there are 3 majors still up for grabs, for current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

The next event is Captains Day at Antrobus Golf Club on the 8th of Sept, see you all there!