Old Padeswood Golf Club

After the high of the Society Championship we got back into the swing of the regular season at Old Padeswood, although considering the weather it felt as though we were still on the Costa Del Sol…well we were in Wales after all!

There was a healthy turn out this month with 27 players on the day which consisted of 24 members and 3 guests, one of the highest so far this season. Due to the warm weather and amount of players play was a little slow, however as most people were in four balls i don’t think there were too many complaints.

The course was fair but could have done with a bit of a trim around the tee boxes and greens which appeared to be slower than would be expected of a venue at this time of year, but as they say, we’re all playing the same course. Scoring was around average for the year with a good portion of players on 30 or more points, the course was very risk/ reward with a lot of hazards so the scores varied quite significantly.

The winner played a solid round (very strange writing this about yourself!) and came in with a score of 41 points to win by 6 shots, well done me (Andy Davies).

The spoon was a more tightly run race and was won by 1 shot with 17 points.

For full schedule see; 3rd of June 2018 – Old Padeswood

Long Drive – Mike Bower

NP – Mike Kirkland

NP2 – Zip, Nadda, No-one!

The captain oversaw the final Matchplay quarter final tie which was won by Steve Waddlove 3&1, big scalp!

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

We’ve been blessed with good weather for the last 3 or 4 events, long may it continue, touch wood! The next event is Sutton Hall on the 1st of July

Bonalba Golf Resort and Spa

…and so we reached the first big one of the season, the Society Championship. A number of members had received sizeable cuts for some terrific play at Worsley whereas a select few had “protected” their handicap over the course of the year to give them an advantage over this 3 day event. The Chuckle Brothers of the Society Championship, Josh and Evan (to me, to you) fought it out but in the end the elder statesman claimed an easy victory by winning all 3 days of competition and finishing a staggering 9 shots clear of his nearest competitor, congratulations Evan!

This year the society was blessed with beaming sunshine and great all round conditions, photos are available in the Championship Gallery for those interested.

The spoon was won with 44 points, the championship’s never about the golf anyway!

For full schedule see; 2- 6th May 2018 – Bonalba Golf Resort and Spa

Long Drive – John Aylward, Lee Hardy, Mike Bower

NP – Mike Bower, Evan Bale, Josh Hadden

NP2 – John Aylward, Mike Bower

Pairs Winners – Phil Woods, Evan Bale

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The next event is the Old Padeswood on the 3rd of June, hopefully see you all there!

Worsley Park Golf Club

Numbers recovered this month with 25 members turning out for what was a tightly fought contest. The lead changed hands a number of times with the winner coming from the second to last group to snatch victory by 1 shot with a huge score of 42 points, congratulations Lee Hardy, single figure handicapper once again (with decimals anyway!). You may as well not bother playing in Bonalba with that handicap, just pick a nice comfy spot by the pool.

The spoon was won with 17 points, great tactical choice to protect your handicap!

For full schedule see; 8th April 2018 – Worsley Park Golf Club

Long Drive – Dave Hadden

NP – Zach Jones

NP2 – Andy Davies

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

The next event is the society championship from the 2nd- 6th of May

Prestatyn Golf Club

The “Beast from the East” caused some issues leading up to this one with heavy snow and ice forcing the closure of the course and cancellation of the original date. Through the secretary the new tee-off was delayed as long as possible to allow the weather and course to recover and the result was nothing more than a strong breeze accompanied by constant sunshine, near perfect conditions.

Numbers were relatively low with 18 members turning out, the lowest so far this season. Those who didn’t attend missed out on great scoring conditions with an average score of 33 points and only 4 points separating the top 10 indicating a closely fought battle. The winner ensured victory with a fantastic back 9 of 20 points to reach a total of 37 and beat Daniel Foode (back-to-back runner-ups!) on countback, congratulations to Frank McGlynn! Franks victory is a great example of commitment to FFGS and should provide inspiration for those who have yet to achieve that allusive victory. Commitment or 15 different drivers, putters and wedges over the last 3 years finally coming together.

As the scoring was generally high the spoon was won with 21 points, 5 clear of the rest, heck of a score to lose with.

For full schedule see; 25th March 2018 – Prestatyn Golf Club

Long Drive – Josh Hadden

NP – Bill Carpenter

NP2 – Mark Campbell

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

Due to the weather the next competition is only two weeks away, hope to see you all there.

Formby Golf Club

The weather forecast leading up to the weekend was a mix of thunder, lighting and snow so there was some anticipation as to what conditions we would run into. Thankfully the rain never came and the hail that filled its place was patchy at best. The wind was manageable for the front nine but kicked up on the way in and no doubt caused difficulty for the majority of players, apart from the captain apparently! The course itself held up well considering the amount of rain we’ve had so all in all no complaints to be made.

Due to the conditions scoring was difficult with a median score of just 26 points, the lowest so far this season. It was tight at the top with Dan Witterick coming in with a score of 36 points to take the victory by 1 shot.

At the bottom the spoon was won by 4 clear shots and 14 points, onwards and upwards.

For full schedule see; 11th February – Formby Golf Club

Long Drive – Daniel Foode

NP – Martyn Wilson

NP2 – Daniel Foode

We completed 4 of the 2nd round Match Play ties, details of which are on the Match Play page.

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

The next competition is Prestatyn on the 4th of March, see you all there!

Formby Ladies Golf Club

After the shambles that was last weekend (thank god super Bill came to the rescue) 29 of us arrived with anticipation as to the condition/ set up of the course however it didn’t disappoint. Although it was preferred lies I think most people would agree it wasn’t necessary as the tee boxes and fairways were in top nick with the greens not too far behind them. The weather was crisp and so was ball striking for a few. It was a hard fought battle for victory with the top two sharing not only handicap and forename but 41 points, the eventual winner on count back (18 vs. 17!) was Simon Davies, well done Si.

Again it was a tightly run race for the spoon with the winner coming in with 16 points (I wouldn’t worry, it was a ladies course after all!)

For full schedule see; 14th January – Formby Ladies Golf Club

Long Drive – Dave Hadden

NP –

NP2 –

We completed 4 of the remaining Match Play ties, details of which are on the Match Play page. The draw for the next round is due to be made on Tuesday the 16th of Jan.

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

The next competition is Formby Golf Club on the 11th of Feb, see you all there!

Leasowe Golf Club – Latest

Well, what a difference a month makes! As we move into winter we would usually expect worsening conditions, however Leasowe was on top form and so were half of FFGS. For the first time in as long as I can remember we had 3 players score over 40 points and a handful not too far off joining them, the median score was 34 points, which with 25 participants shows how well the course was playing. The winner has spent a lot of time improving his game away from FFGS and came in with a whopping 44 points to squeeze out Dave Hadden by a point and claim the trophy as well as a 4 stroke cut, well played Andy Hanson. A worthy mention to Barry and Bill who are now playing off 26 and 27 respectively, well done chaps.

As per last month the bottom of the table was as hard fought as the top with 3 players within 1 point of each other, the winner of the wooden spoon came in with 20 points (a season high losing score as consolation?)

For full schedule see; 3rd December 2017 – Leasowe Golf Club or Leasowe

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standing see Current Season.

The next competition is Formby Ladies on the 7th of Jan, see you all there!