Captains Day – Antrobus Golf Club


Yet again we could count ourselves lucky, the weather was perfect, so much so after a few holes i wish I’d decided to bring my shorts! The course looked in great shape (other than the practice green), ready to accommodate 27 holes worth of competition.

The morning Texas Scramble provided a good challenge with the majority of groups between +1 & -1 gross however the winning group came in well clear of the rest on -4 for a much deserved victory.

The main competition proved to be a much more closely run race with neither a back 9 (21 each) or back 6 (12 each) hole count-back separating the top two. The win eventually came via a 1 shot margin in a final 3 hole count-back (7 vs. 6) and 39 points in total, congratulations go to the new Captain, Lee Hardy. Lee now see’s his handicap drop to a desperately low 8.5, still too high based on recent form!

This month marked the end of my captaincy, thanks to Evan and Bill for all they’ve done over the last 12 months, just as you’ve done for captains before and hopefully after me.

For full schedule see; 8th of September 2019 – Captains Day, Antrobus Golf Club

Long Drive – Steve Davies

NP – Steve Davies

NP2 – Josh Hadden

The year end results for the League, Helix and Matchplay can be found at 2018/ 2019 Season.

The next event is at Hazel Grove Golf Club on Sunday the 6th of October. Good luck to the new captain!

Stockport Golf Club


Considering the torrential downpours and subsequent flooding in the area in the weeks leading up to the event the course was in great nick with almost no signs of standing water and conversely firm and consistent fairways and greens. The course was long but lacked hazards meaning ball striking was a premium, if you got off the tee you stood a good chance of scoring well. Once on the greens they were quick and ran true favouring a confident stroke.

We were yet again blessed with fantastic weather with very little wind and sunshine throughout the day. A couple of last minute alterations meant we had 24 players on the day, another solid turn out.

The scoring was generally much better than I would have guessed considering the yardage with only 4 members not reaching the magic 30 point mark and 7 members on 36+ points. There were two stand out performances both with 40+ points however the winner with a staggering 47 points was Iain Hitchmough. Iains score marks the highest ever score achieved in the last 10 years and possibly the highest ever FFGS score (on a course without any temps) since it’s formation. A truly fantastic round, congrats E. You’re rewarded with the biggest handicap cut I’ve ever dished out, a solid 7 shots gone for Captains Day!

I was privileged to observe the Match Play final which was a great game swinging back and forth until we went down the last. The final putt dropped to give the winner a victory 2UP, congratulations to Mike Kirkland, much deserved. Commiserations to Mike Bower for a great runners up performance.

For full schedule see; 4th of August 2019 – Stockport Golf Club

Long Drive – Dave Hadden

NP – Lee Hardy

NP2 – Andy Davies

With only 1 event remaining in the year there are 3 majors still up for grabs, for current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

The next event is Captains Day at Antrobus Golf Club on the 8th of Sept, see you all there!

Lymm Golf Club


Finally the summer kicked in and we were blessed with a gloriously sunny day! With the smell of sun cream in the air and a good amount of white legs on show the society set out to conquer the course, or at least try! The course was in very good condition with the only complaint being that some of the bunkers were a little on the hard side, can’t make it too easy though can they.

With the lowest turn out of the year (at 20) we had 5 fourballs meaning the pace of play was a little slow however the weather was so good that i don’t think anyone really noticed.

Scoring was quite tightly packed with 15 players scoring between 26- 36. One member however manged to break clear of the pack to claim the win with a comfortable margin of 3 shots and total of 39, well done to Josh “the serial winner” Hadden (not particularly catchy I know). Josh can now claim to be FFGS’s joint lowest handicapper with a playing handicap of 10. Can his new handicap help him perform the same miracle as last time him won, losing the next event? Maybe best not turn up just in case?

We also had the last Matchplay semi final taking place with Mike Bower coming out on top 2&1. Finger crossed the final should be held at Stockport Golf Club between Mike B and Mike K, good luck to both.

For full schedule see; 7th of July 2019 – Lymm Golf Club

Long Drive – Dan Witterick

NP – Martin Wilson

NP2 – Lee Hardy

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

The next event is Stockport Golf Club on the 4th of August, see you all there!

Houghwood Golf Club


The event immediately following the Society Championship can prove to be a bit of a slog and so Houghwood proved to be. The spectacular views out over the coast are a result of altitude and whilst the more sensible members choose one of the many buggies available the majority stuck to walking, a decision most would not make next time round!

There was a wisp of wind and with the light sprinkling of rain draining away down one of the many slopes the course itself was in very good condition. The topography also lead to some interesting shots with elevated fairways, greens and tee boxes throughout requiring good course management and distance control.

We had another strong turn out with a couple of late comers resulting in 25 members competing on the day. With a mean score of 28 in combination with 10 players reaching the 30 point mark the course could be described as fair and proved a good challenge for most. The “Bower-Davies” curse seemed to strike again only for controversy to ensue resulting in an eventual 2 point victory for Andy Davies.

For full schedule see; 2nd June 2019 – Houghwood Golf Club

Long Drive – Dave Hadden

NP – Mike Bower

NP2 – Iain Hitchmough

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

The next event is Lymm on the 7th of July however we have the inaugural FFGS Cup taking place from Sunday the 16th to Monday the 17th of June, see you all there!

Islantilla Golf Resort, Spain – Society Championship

The View of a Champion

“This year’s society championship in Islantilla saw 27 guys battling it out for the championship in a lovely resort with some great and challenging golf courses, nice hotel and even better weather. The early warnings of a storm nowhere to be seen!

Barring a few hiccups, (Lee Hardy sat in Barry’s room in his underpants with a bottle of milk lotion) the boys managed to gather on the course for day 1 for a hotly contested first day. 10 people posting a first day score of 30 plus with only a 1 shot lead at the top keeping things close heading into day 2. Day 2 was for the movers, shakers and the club throwers (Frank and Campbell) and the field took shape going into the final day. Ste Davies with an 8 shot lead and the Bower mind games began… Whispers of he’ll bottle it were heard through the corridors until late evening…

The holiday was made that much better by a 3-0 white wash by the mighty Barcelona, unnamed united and Everton fans very smug in their armchairs quietly sipping on their beers. Campbell in no way happy with the result whatsoever!

The buffet evening meals deserve a special shout out and Fish Friday was thoroughly enjoyed by a Mr J Hadden, a full table of crustacean shells told the story.

Day 3 and the boys were in good spirits, some beautiful drives off the first tee and again the sun cream being applied for another hot day.

The previous nights whispers of “bottling it” started to materialise, blob blob start with an 8 shot lead cut down to 4 after 2 holes played! Bower, Clarke and Kirky Snr hot on the heels so much so that the leader had to text home for some inspiration from his dad.

With an early Clarke push, it was Mikey Bower who started to play like a man possessed. If the ball was on the green it was a guaranteed 1 putt from the known chaser. As one person put it that evening, “you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the wrath of Mike Bower hunting you down”.

Other noticeable shout outs on day 3 was an eagle 2 by Si Davies and a surging 40 pointer by Paul Foode, a 40 pointer which meant D Foode beat his dad overall by 2 points (Dan you can send me that 5er later for that highlighted?)

Playing in converse trainers for the week I managed to fend of the wrath of Bower and Co. and won by 2 points overall with 104 points. Steve Clarke with a mini celebration that I didn’t break his record score after the final hole. 106, can anyone beat it?

Martin Wilson cashed in on the lone backing of myself and Les Hurst won the blind pic.

Good holiday, good times see you all next year, El Champeoni 2019!”

Thanks and congrats to Steve Davies on a fantastic wire to wire win!

See Society Championship 2019, Islantilla, Spain for a gallery of the weekend’s antics.

Bit of a Stat Attack to add to the above;

– 24 members, 3 guests attended
– 83 point scoring average over the 3 days (quite impressive considering the resort)
– Inordinate amount of 2’s! – 9 to be exact (one of which on a par 4 as mentioned above), 6 on the first day!
– 10,000 pints drank (average based on hourly consumption between the hours of 12- 4am on Saturday the 4th of May)

For full schedule see; 2nd- 5th May 2019 – Islantilla Golf Resort, Spain – Society Championship

Long Drive – Phil Draper, Dan Foode, Dan Witterick

NP – Si Davies, Steve Davies, Lee Hardy

NP2 – Steve Davies, John Aylward, Dan Witterick

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you at Houghwood on the 2nd of June!

West Lancs Golf Club


West Lancs is well known for it’s exposed conditions and with temperatures topping at around 10 degrees and a consistent, stiff breeze the “felt like” temperatures were comfortably into single figures. The course was in good condition with some of the truest greens we’ve played on in recent times, so true you had to attempt to read the wind on the more exposed greens.

As the event was generously subsidised by the treasurer we managed a strong turn out with 25 members competing on the day. Traditionally players are reluctant to score well for fear of a cut in the penultimate event before the championship however West Lancs provides such a challenge the “risk” of high scoring was almost nullified.

Scoring was better than I would have thought with the mean coming in as 27 and a good handful of players breaching the 30 point mark. We had a three way tie for the lead until the winner submitted their card to beat the chasing pack by 3 points with total of 35, congrats to our latest first time winner, Paul Foode.

Playing off 17 Paul earns himself a cut of 1.7 for Spain however with his previous handicap of 17.4 he has only dropped 1 shot in practice (now 15.7), lucky sod. Still worth a bet for the holiday?? We’ve been lucky enough to play 2 tough events in a row therefore cuts have been few and far between. A list of runners for the championship can be found at Society Championship.

There were a number of Matchplay ties on the day, the results of which can be found at Quarter Final.

For full schedule see; 14th Apr 2019 – West Lancs Golf Club

Long Drive – Steve Davies

NP – John Nelson

NP2 – Steve Waddelove

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you at Islantilla Golf Resort on the 1st of May!

Leasowe Golf Club

Well…we’ve certainly played in more favourable conditions! The wind was forecast at around 48 km/h, now I’m no anemometer but I thought this under egged it somewhat. A number of members lost their cards as they were ripped from their grasp, some sprinted down fairways to retrieve them, Martyn must have chased his 200yds only to lose it later in the round. We also witnessed a few casualties of the trolly variety with one being felled on average every 10 seconds, a thud could be heard in every backswing or putt. To compliment the gale force winds we were treated to a 5 minute spell of hail which managed to claim 4 members who were too disheartened to carry on, that left 20 members battling through the challenging conditions.

The scores were predictably low with both the winning and mean scores (24) being the lowest we’ve had in a long time. The winner by 1 shot with 33 points, was Dan Foode, well done Dan. I can only imagine the wind didn’t effect all those “Stingers” (or do I mean tops?) you usually play? Tactical of course.

There were a number of Matchplay ties on the day, the results of which can be found at Round 2.

For full schedule see; 10th March 2019 – Leasowe Golf Club

Long Drive – Andy Davies

NP – N/ A

NP2 – Dan Foode

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you at West Lancs Golf Club on the 14th of April.