Preston Golf Club

In line with my last 3/4 events where my highest finish was second to last, I pulled up into Preston car park at 9am with my guest from work to find no one at the venue, I thought oh dear, here we go again! 
My savour Matt Naylor came around the corner on his white horse and I soon realised everyone was in the upstairs bar not downstairs. 
The weather was incredible, sunny but not too warm and I started to feel it could be my day when a bunker shot flew straight into the flag on a pin, wrapped up in the actual flag and dropped vertically down straight into the hole.
This month is the “idiots month” to win where everyone plays for handicap protection before the holiday, so thank you to Kirky who took his foot off the pedal on the last 3 holes. 
With the city Liverpool match clashing with our finish time, I took the accolades in front of a record low 7 members (4 United fans) as everyone else f@c£ed off, Dave hadden even encouraging me to speed up my speech 😂
Sorry for the late write up, I’ve only just finished taking the piss out of my guest who came last in his first event. In true FFGS spirit  “you can come again”. 

Thanks and congrats to our winner, Steve Davies

For full schedule see; Preston Golf Club

Long Drive – Simon Davies

NP – Mark Campbell

NP2 – Steve Davies

2’s – Mark Campbell

For current League and Helix standings see Current Season.

See you all in Spain the 11th of May at Benalmedena

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