Conwy Golf Club

After going to bed at 2am, getting up at 6:40am, and a 2h 15m drive from the in-laws to Conwy, it’s fair to say i wasn’t overly enthusiastic following my arrival at the clubhouse. Zach questioned whether i was sitting on my own in an attempt to “get in the zone”, i was in fact trying to figure out if i was hungover or quite simply about to fall asleep in my chair.
After glugging a litre of black coffee (with sugar, not like me) and demolishing my bacon bap, i figured fresh air was the way forward, so, equipped with 2 litres of water to aid my recovery, i headed out to the chipping green. Part of my anguish was that i was playing our Si in the Matchplay, and i wasn’t in the right headspace to deal with his blistering drives, or horrendous banter. I was quickly reassured when he fatted four, and thinned one of the five chips he played upon my arrival at the chipping green.
The round began ominously, with a fresh breeze on our backs Frank lined up his drive, Si and Colin bouncing around the tee/ fairway chasing head covers. My approach to the first was a 9 iron from 150yds which went about 30 yards past the green, a clear sign that the weather was going to play a big part in the day.
The next 10 holes were golfer vs. wind, all of us trying to calculate how much it would effect each fat, thin, hook or slice. Colin proclaimed that he wasn’t slicing anything and that the wind was catching everything, even when the wind was in the opposite direction, quite a feat.
All the while myself and Si were determined to pulverise one another (sibling rivalry), and manged to overcome the challenging conditions as we progressed neck and neck for the majority. It was fair to say we were both playing well, holes were being halved with birdies and pars to each of our frustrations. Coming to the short par 4 16th, Si had a putt to win the hole with a birdie and take it down the 17th (where he had one of his two shots in the Matchplay), it burnt the edge and i claimed a narrow 3&2 win. From there, i managed to drive past the hole on the long drive 17th (stupid hole whoever chose that!) and par the last which gave me another 6 points and 37 in total. I must admit that stood on the 18th tee i thought someone would have done well to beat me considering the conditions, alas I had won by 6 and gave myself another cut just before the elusive Championship.
Thanks to Si, Col and Frank (18 points on the back 9, not so good on the front!), for the good company and entertainment. See you all soon.

Thanks and congrats to our winner, Andy Davies

For full schedule see; Conwy Golf Club

Long Drive – Andy Davies

NP – Dave Whitaker

NP2 – Paul Foode

2’s –

For current League and Helix standings see Current Season.

See you all on the 10th of April at Preston

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