Runcorn Golf Club

Well what can I say..Sunday started early for most of us with a refreshing drive through the leafy lanes of Cheshire (especially if you follow my satnav).

With our spirits suitably raised, and the sun shining, blue skies abounding, we took on the challenge of Runcorn Golf course.

A relatively short course, it was made even shorter by some generous winter tees, and a rather bizarre local rule, allowing the teeing up of the ball in fairway.

The course, although tight and wet ( good for lady gardens but not golf courses) was not the only challenge on the outward nine.

The combination of soft ground, leaves and sun angle, meant finding your ball, even if it was on the fairway, required the eyes of a shithouse rat.

On a personal note my round began with the obligatory blob….little did I know what was to follow, but more of that later.

The course had a quirky lay out, with what seemed an unnecessary need to cross the same road three times, but it all seemed to add to the theatre of the day, and no one really seemed to mind.

A chip in on the par five for a five pointer was the highlight of my day, but I do still feel guilty about the hole with the temporary green.

After a very decent drive I was left with a short wedge into the flag, I then proceeded to hit a truly disgusting thin, to about fifteen feet.

To compound the filthiness, I then poured the putt in, across what looked like hampden park after the six nations, again, sorry lads.

My luck, and even more unlikely, my consistency off the tee would last for most of the round, and no one was more surprised than me to come in with the winning score…still, a large cut is due, and the stars are unlikely to align again like that for me for quite sometime, so don’t worry, you won’t have to read one of these thing from me anytime soon…


Thanks and congrats to our winner, Iain Hitchmough

For full schedule see; Runcorn Golf Club

Long Drive – Paul Foode

NP – Paul Foode

NP2 – Mike Bower

2’s – Paul Foode, Andy Davies

For current League and Helix standings see Current Season.

See you all on the 5th of December at Fleetwood

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