Hesketh Golf Club

The day started with my dad and I picking up an ever-so-slightly hungover Matt Naylor. Not a day to be hungover when the residents of Formby had been without water all morning. Little did we know his day was only going downhill from there. He later informed me of his excitement about a rejuvenating sausage roll from the halfway house after seeing the one I had purchased in the group ahead of him. Only when he was salivating at the shop window did he realise mine was the last one. I assume this was a large contributing factor in the wooden spoon being claimed later in the day. Better luck next time Matt.

Before I started my round I was approached by Steve Clarke and asked if I would be willing to take on the role of vice-captain. I very happily accepted and now, with the backing and respect of my peers coursing through my veins, I bounced along to the first tee ready to take on whatever golf could throw at me. That was until I remembered I was playing my first-round match play against last year’s finalist Colin Davies.

My nerves were eased when Col hit his tee shot fifty yards right off the first tee allowing me to win the hole but like the great competitor he is he bounced straight back and won the second. He then out drove me on the third and I wondered whether it wasn’t going to be my day. Eight holes later I was dormie eight and I realised I was wrong. Sorry Col! He did win the next three holes and played great on the back nine before we halved the fourteenth to end a match played in great spirit.

In terms of my stableford performance I think my playing partners must have realised I was on a good score when I didn’t get a beer from the halfway house. Those who know me know there are not many situations in which I would turn down such an opportunity to quench my thirst but I wasn’t risking a wobbly back nine. I managed to keep up my level of play on the back nine and thankfully finished up on the winning score.

I thought the course was in great condition for the time of year and the greens ran very true. Although anything with grass was always going to be a vast improvement on last years frozen tundra. It was nice not having to try and judge golf balls bouncing forty yards in the air for a start.

Congratulations to our new captain Ste Davies who did a great job with the scores. I was particularly impressed with his ability to announce the correct winner given the previous incumbents propensity to get it wrong. Just joking John, I’ll be happy if I can be half the captain you were.

Thanks again to everyone who voted for me. It’s quite fitting that I am Ste’s vice-captain as he was the one who introduced me into the society. I look forward to taking him on (and beating him) at the Ryder Cup.

I hope everyone enjoyed the day and I will see you all at Runcorn.

Thanks and congrats to our winner, Josh Hadden

For full schedule see; Hesketh Golf Club

Long Drive – Dave Hadden

NP – Simon Davies

NP2 – Frank McGlynn

2’s – Simon Davies, Kevin Wilson

For current League and Helix standings see Current Season.

See you all on the 14th of November at Runcorn

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