Mottram Hall Golf Club – Captains Day 2021

After several missed turns due to Colin’s beliefs that he knows the way, the sat nav finally got us there at what felt like 3 a.m.

In the foursomes we started off a fantastic team, cool calm and calculated only to somehow end up with a double bogey on a par 3 and some idiot forgetting to mark the score card and following his own set of rules. As Les sank a slippery 20 footer on the last , frank was first to come with a finely laminated copy of the rules and disqualify us on the spot for assuming 4 of us wouldn’t miss from 3 inches. Frank would travel home with his pro vs in his pocket, congratulations frank.

After checking the forecast I was assured no rain was due, so it was rather fitting that it started after 1 hole. Steve Doran was determined it still wasn’t wet enough, and found the water 3 times on the 3rd hole.

John seemed determined to inform me he “hates golf” and Ste had given up even looking for his balls , the 3 people in my group averaged a cracking 20.6 points and set the bar very high.

It was a lovely course and I enjoyed beating josh by 16 points and Foode by 17. My second major presented to me in a car park when everyone had left felt phenomenal.

Thanks, Simon

Thanks and congrats to our Captains Day winner, Simon Davies.

For full schedule see; Mottram Hall Golf Club – Captains Day

Long Drive – Mike Bower

NP – Josh Hadden

NP2 – Dave Hadden

2’s – Josh Hadden

Congrats to  Zach Jones and Dave Hadden for winning the League and Helix trophies respectively. For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you for the start of a new season at Hesketh on the 10th of October

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