Pleasington Golf Club

I had looked forward to playing Pleasington again as I had found it extremely pleasant the last time we played there…….but in the words of Mike Kirkland, it became rather Unpleasington as we left the second green.

Dan Foode, all hangover and topped shots at this stage, was suddenly chasing his bag and umbrella in the wind and rain whilst simultaneously trying to put his waterproof top on!! Perhaps this changed the mood as I was in full Victor Meldrew mode at this point. To be fair I was still moaning on the 10th tee when our Skipper looked at me and said “bloody hell Nello you’ve got 18 pts!!” The moaning did stop briefly on the Par 3 adjacent the river with the house and beautiful garden and summer house…….it only stopped to allow me to enquire if I could book a week’s holiday next June!!

Obviously I managed to hang on for the win, it’s been a while so very much enjoyed. Thanks to the Captain and Dan for the good company and putting up with my mutterings.

Hopefully we can all find it pleasant at Pleasington next year! 

Thanks and congrats to our winner, John Nelson

For full schedule see; Pleasington Golf Club

Long Drive – Dan Witterick

NP – Evan Bale

NP2 – Mike Kirkland

2’s – Paul Foode

For current League and Helix standings see Current Season.

See you all on the 29th of August at Hurlston Hall

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