Morecambe Golf Club – Captains Day 2020

Most had an early start, leaving the bright sunshine of Liverpool/ Manchester behind, and arriving to the grey overcast skies of Morecambe with it blowing a gale. As the morning scramble got underway, I sent my first tee shot over the trees, over the fence and out of bounds. The sympathetic galleries of Woodsy and Campbell and their cries of “You’ve just killed that cockle picker” filled me with confidence. The scramble served as a good warm up for most, with the score generally around level par, with the winner coming in 2 under, and the losers coming in at 4 over. Sorry Zach.

After some half time soup and sandwiches, and pints for some, there was a rush for some to make their tee. The course was in great condition and the wind seemed to calm down slightly in the afternoon. There was an assassination attempt on the 13th green/ 14th tee. While allowing the group in front tee off, I believed I was stood in a safe place. Matt Naylor decided to rifle a drive knee height straight towards me. Doing my best Michael Flatley impression to try a get out of the way, it was a choice between my kneecap, or my golf bag. The bag took the impact, and the leg of which now has a nice bend to show for it. Must have known I was on a decent score.  

Congratulations to Col, who managed to beat Martyn in their matchplay, despite the 30 year age gap, and 250 yard gap off the tee. Commiserations Martyn. Congratulations must also go to Mike Bower for victory in the league, and to Dave Hadden for the helix.

Thanks as well to Lee for his contributions as Captain over the past year, a good luck to John for the next season. I look forward to the chaos that ensues!

Thanks and congrats to our two time Captains Day winner, Dan Foode. No more needs to be said.

For full schedule see; Morecambe Golf Club – Captains Day

Long Drive – Paul Foode

NP – Frank McGlynn

NP2 – Dave Whitaker

2’s – N.A.

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you for the start of a new season at Prestatyn on the 4th of October

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