Preston Golf Club

Arriving at the club it was a pleasant surprise to see the greens in such good nick, there were several mummering’s of “how is this place only £25”.
Bacon butties and coffee were served on individual tables even though people had shared cars  which seemed a little odd but all concerns of lonely dining were soon a distant memory when it was realised that this month we would be getting 3 rations of bacon instead of 2. 
The front 9 wasn’t the most inventive of course design, up, down, up, down, up, down, i think George Lowe couldn’t be arsed that morning. The back 9 was much better, elevated tee boxes, small firing greens just over ditches, some cracking par 5s and testing par 3s. It wasn’t for the faint hearted and it definitely wasn’t for Kev and Steve Doran, in fact the front 9 wasn’t either (sorry guys). An absolute pleasure to play (smiled all day long) and a personal highlight was when Steve Doran played three off the par 3 tee box, had a shot then hit it into a ditch, my dad then teed off from the elevated green over his head as he was out of view, Steve then found his ball in the ditch, dropped out, chipped on and still had a put for a point! I still haven’t worked that out! haha
Good day out and looking forward to the next event! Steve D
Thanks and congrats to our winner, Steve Davies

For full schedule see; Preston Golf Club

Long Drive – Andy Davies

NP – Dave Hadden

NP2 – Steve Davies

2’s – Josh Hadden

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you at Morecombe on the 13th of September

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