Wigan Golf Club


Following the recent snowfall, which caused the original date to be postponed, and heavy rainfall in the week, there was some trepidation as to what condition the course would be in. However, it was eminently playable and the weather was fine throughout the day. The lack of a pro shop was a little unusual but did give cause for some humour, there was a shout in the car park just prior to playing that Josh has got no balls, to which comments like ‘tell him to grow a pair’ and ‘we already knew that’ were replied. Apparently, Josh had intended purchasing balls from the pro shop!

Considering the weather there was another strong turn out with 25 members on the day. In line with the current trend scores were high with a whopping 17 members scoring 30 or above resulting in the median creeping up to 32.

Similar to last month the winner was victorious on a back nine countback and quite fittingly, as he was the one who lost on a countback in Leigh, the winner was Dave Hadden. A big congratulations to Dave who wins his maiden event in the Society (his handicap will soon reflect his ability). We also think Dave broke a Society record, winning 27 balls on the day. (Winning – 12, Nearest the Pin – 6, Nearest the Pin in Two – 6, and a Two -3). Josh should be ok for balls next month.

The Wooden Spoon made an actual appearance and was received with grace and humility after a score of 19

Thanks to Vice Lee Hardy for the write up

There were a number of Matchplay ties on the day, the results of which can be found at Round 1 or Round 2

For full schedule see; 10th Feb 2019 – Wigan Golf Club

Long Drive – Simon Davies

NP – Dave Hadden

NP2 – Dave Hadden

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you at Leasowe Golf Club on the 10th of March.

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