Leigh Golf Club


Dry weather the week leading up this event meant the course was in remarkably good condition when considering the trepidation we had in relation to playing off fairway mats for course protection. In fact the mats made little difference with most players opting to place in the semi rough unless there was an obvious positional advantage. The weather on the day was near perfect with a very light breeze and only a brief smattering of drizzle that didn’t last more then 30 seconds.

In contrast to last month 14 members managed to break 30 points with a subsequent improvement in the median from 26 to 33, the joint highest in the last 2.5 years. Despite this the winning score was only 5 points above the median showing how close the competition was. The winner snatched victory on countback by a single back-nine point with the congratulations going to Lee Hardy! Well done vice, yet again you’ve become the proud owner of a single figure handicap (on decimals anyway).

We did witness a happening that the society has never seen, certainly not during my years of membership…one society group playing through another! Astonishing.

A more light hearted moment was Paul Foode’s attempt at a joke on the nearest the pin 12th hole. A classic Josh Hadden top off the tee bobbled through the rough only for Paul to comment “Josh, it’s nearest the pin, not nearest the bin” (there was a bin in close proximity to Josh’s ball flight). Shame on you Paul, particularly for giggling to yourself afterwards.

There were a number of Matchplay ties on the day, the results of which can be found at Round 1 or Round 2

For full schedule see; 6th Jan 2019 – Leigh Golf Club

Long Drive – Dave Hadden

NP – Dave Hadden

NP2 – Andy Davies

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you at Wigan Golf Club on the 3rd of Feb.

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