Leasowe Golf Club

Well…we’ve certainly played in more favourable conditions! The wind was forecast at around 48 km/h, now I’m no anemometer but I thought this under egged it somewhat. A number of members lost their cards as they were ripped from their grasp, some sprinted down fairways to retrieve them, Martyn must have chased his 200yds only to lose it later in the round. We also witnessed a few casualties of the trolly variety with one being felled on average every 10 seconds, a thud could be heard in every backswing or putt. To compliment the gale force winds we were treated to a 5 minute spell of hail which managed to claim 4 members who were too disheartened to carry on, that left 20 members battling through the challenging conditions.

The scores were predictably low with both the winning and mean scores (24) being the lowest we’ve had in a long time. The winner by 1 shot with 33 points, was Dan Foode, well done Dan. I can only imagine the wind didn’t effect all those “Stingers” (or do I mean tops?) you usually play? Tactical of course.

There were a number of Matchplay ties on the day, the results of which can be found at Round 2.

For full schedule see; 10th March 2019 – Leasowe Golf Club

Long Drive – Andy Davies

NP – N/ A

NP2 – Dan Foode

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you at West Lancs Golf Club on the 14th of April.

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