Formby Ladies Golf Club – Part Deux

“What a strange old spring we’ve had. Coronavirus has taken over our lives and Colin Davies is making birdies, most of us are looking forward to a return to normality!

We managed one last round in perfect conditions and with half the field isolating it was a great opportunity to claim a win. Only 13 members turned up and with no pre or post round gatherings it didn’t feel quite right. With only Dave Hadden on the practice green missing putt after putt there was a sense of self confidence running through my veins.

With all to play for down the last John fired in a lovely par putt to tie our match play. Coming in with 40 points I wondered who could have beaten me, never did I expect my own dad to rock up with 40 points, that’s normally what you would expect his total to be on the society championship. Also to my surprise Campbell came in with the lowest score of the day. On second thought he did spend most of the day trampling around the gorse which is a pleasant reminder that he is human after all. The only non surprising event was that Dave Hadden walked in.”

Congrats and thanks to the winner, Simon Davies

For full schedule see; 22nd of March 2020 – Formby Ladies Golf Club

Long Drive – Dan Foode

NP – Josh Hadden

NP2 – Lee Hardy

2’s – Josh Hadden 2, Dan Foode, Simon Davies

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you…who knows when!

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