Bonalba Golf Resort and Spa

…and so we reached the first big one of the season, the Society Championship. A number of members had received sizeable cuts for some terrific play at Worsley whereas a select few had “protected” their handicap over the course of the year to give them an advantage over this 3 day event. The Chuckle Brothers of the Society Championship, Josh and Evan (to me, to you) fought it out but in the end the elder statesman claimed an easy victory by winning all 3 days of competition and finishing a staggering 9 shots clear of his nearest competitor, congratulations Evan!

This year the society was blessed with beaming sunshine and great all round conditions, photos are available in the Championship Gallery for those interested.

The spoon was won with 44 points, the championship’s never about the golf anyway!

For full schedule see; 2- 6th May 2018 – Bonalba Golf Resort and Spa

Long Drive – John Aylward, Lee Hardy, Mike Bower

NP – Mike Bower, Evan Bale, Josh Hadden

NP2 – John Aylward, Mike Bower

Pairs Winners – Phil Woods, Evan Bale

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

The next event is the Old Padeswood on the 3rd of June, hopefully see you all there!

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