Northenden Golf Club

Well, after a week of record breaking temperatures across the UK, 21 members plus one guest turned up at the re-arranged event at Northenden Golf Club with their sunglasses and factor 50 at the ready……… wrong were we. The course was looking lush and green considering the lack of rainfall over the last four weeks and we all arrived at the first tee at 11.30, everyone that was except Mike Kirkland who, no matter what time the first tee is always seems to be late? This event also saw the return of the prodigal Lee Hardy making his return after a two year sabbatical.

Being in the last fourball out with Messer’s Bower, Davies Snr and Wilson Jnr it gave us the opportunity to watch the varied styles displayed by our members on the first tee – good grief! With a lovely inviting 50yd wide fairway straight ahead, it was surprising how few members found the cut stuff with most either aiming out toward the 9th green which was 45degrees to the left, or into the River Mersey on the right? Two of the days favourites Lee Hardy and Foode Jnr (who the day before had been giving large about how he was going to win and by a country mile) provided two of the most entertaining first tee shots. Lee managed to slice his 50yds into the trees on the right while Daniel, who took out his hybrid so as not to ‘run out of fairway’, managed to top the ball an impressive 15yds which dribbled off the front of the ladies tee. 

At last we got underway with grey skies starting to gather above and decided our order of play would be oldest to youngest, a method we adopted on most tees, unless Mike Bower was still in the undergrowth looking for balls. By the time we reached the 6th tee, it was like being in a version of The Full Monty with hats on, hats off, coats on, coats off, sweaters on, sweaters off and watching various umbrellas blowing around the course followed by Colin retrieving them for us as he was the sprightliest in the group!  

As we reached the turn things changed. The weather decided to turn from warm, blustery and showery to torrential. Martyn decided he quite liked the wet t-shirt look and was trying to impress the two 80yr old lady members behind us with his manly physique. Mike B went for the serial killer look turning up on the 10th tee with two black gloves on. Colin also changed, not only into his fourth coat of the round (who knew you could fit so many coats into one golf bag?) but also with a new strategy. After deciding that alternating good shots with complete duffers wasn’t working for him on the front nine, he decided to bring his A game, and went all DeChambeauesque on us hitting it longer and straighter than he had all day, finding the fairway on the majority of the back nine. To be fair Colin did find fairways on the front nine, just not the ones we happened to be playing!

As we made our way down 17 we commented about the lack of ‘FOUR RIGHT’ shouts from Hadden Snr during the day, suggesting he may be in for a big score, which was promptly followed 20seconds later by a big shout of FOUR RIGHT from said Dave Hadden as his 18th tee shot sailed onto the practice ground / M60?

Despite the typical British summer weather, a most enjoyable day, and a lot of scores over 30 points which demonstrates the high calibre of golf on display in FFGS. 

Cogratulations to Josh Hadden who won his matchplay (eventually) 7&5 over Barry Dreaves and will now face Super Les in a semi-final shoot out.

A shout out to Mark Murray (Mark McGarry to his friends) who did finish with 40points but alas, as a guest, was unable to take the coveted trophy.

Thanks and congrats to our winner, Paul Foode

For full schedule see; Northenden Golf Club

Long Drive – Dan Witterick

NP – Lee Hardy

NP2 – Josh Hadden

2’s – Josh Hadden

For current League and Helix standings see Current Season.

See you all on the 14th of August at Wychwood Park

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