Knott End Golf Club

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail they say. Well, preparation for Knott End came on Friday afternoon at Ormskirk GC. Two topped tee shots off the first and two lost balls, same on the second and so it went on ! 5 points for the front 9 and the inevitable occurred (just for Simon) and I walked in after 11 holes with 8 points and 9 lost balls!! Physically and mentally drained I doubted I would be making the first tee today. After securing a buggy late yesterday I gave it a go with no expectations at all. This game baffles me at times as the Hadden mating call of “fore left” or “fore right” was only heard thanks to Daniel, Derek or Dave erring off the tee and not my normal golfing version of the Red Arrows!

It has been a while and some close shaves along the way, but really pleased to have “got it done” again and look forward to getting together for the weekend at the end of the month. Look after yourselves guys as we exit full lockdowns and see you all at Belton Woods. Special mentions for Col and Steve Dorian today with 37 points and what promised to be more, great scoring chaps!!

Oh and for anyone not within earshot Josh has said you may as well not bother turning up as he is 98% sure he will win the Club Championship!


Thanks and congrats to our winner, Dave Hadden

For full schedule see; Knott End Golf Club

Long Drive – Derek Dreaves

NP – John Aylward

NP2 – Mike Bower

2’s – 

For current League and Helix standings see Current Season.

See you all on the 25th of July at Belton Woods

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