Hawarden Golf Club

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A perfect storm seems a suitable turn of phrase to describe the pre match proceedings. A few issues with members handicaps, a bit of a carry on with the order of play, and admittedly my own shortcomings (hope to get better at this) saw to that. That aside I would say the rest of the day went quite well. We enjoyed a very nice full English breakfast (or was it Welsh?) perfect weather conditions, and in my opinion, and in spite of the biblical amount of wet stuff we’ve seen recently, a surprisingly playable course.

As stand in captain in Lee’s absence I was in the first group out. We managed to get around the course in a time of 4 hours 20 minutes. Not the quickest admittedly. I’m unsure as to why the four ball behind us came in 50 minutes later! Perhaps this is something for the committee to investigate/ address.

Apologies for not sticking around to carry out the customary post match presentation duties as required, but I’m guessing that probably went seamlessly well in my absence.  Before leaving I did manage a cursory glance at the majority of score card returns. These indicated that the usual standard of FFGS quality golf was once again being upheld by all participants.

Now to the day’s results. Firstly a well deserved wooden spoon was awarded for a score of 14 points.  The winning score was mine with 37 points. So well done me.

For full schedule see; 3rd of November 2019 – Hawarden Golf Club

Long Drive – Josh Hadden

NP – N.A.

NP2 – Zach Jones

2’s – Steve Davies

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

I think that’s about it. Hopefully see you all on Friday at the presentation night. Failing that it will be next month 1st December at Berrington Hall

John Aylward

Vice Captain

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