2017/ 2018 FFGS AGM – Notes from the Secretary


Sunday 7th October 2018, Sale Golf Club, 22 in attendance (66%).

Agenda Item

1.      Colin and Lee welcomed everybody to the meeting.
2.      The Secretary’s report. A wide and varied range of courses have been played this year taking in most of the neighbouring counties. The health of the society was highlighted by the high attendance at nearly all the meetings held, with an average attendance at 25 (23 members 2 guests), and the Committee have been able to keep the average cost of our golf below £35. Members were asked for suggestions of courses they would like to play or any they particularly don’t want to visit again, but the general census from the floor was that all the courses were enjoyable and we should continue in the same vein next year.
3.      Treasurers report. The treasurer produced the balance sheet for this year and despite a big hole being made by the award of the hole-in-one prize, the finances of the society are still healthy. It was agreed that the subscriptions should remain at £5 per month (£60 per year). The accounts have been audited throughout the year and the final accounts will be audited shortly.
4.      Approval of the Society’s constitution. The reasons behind the need to formalise the constitution were explained by the Secretary and copies of the draft constitution had been circulated to all members before the meeting for comment. The draft constitution was unanimously agreed and adopted.
5. Election of Officers. The Captain has been appointed in a separate vote. The Secretary and Treasurer were prepared to stay on for another year and in the absence of any challengers, no vote was taken and Evan and Bill will continue to act in these roles. However, the Treasurer does not wish to continue in post for the following year (2019-2020) so we will be looking for a volunteer during the course of the year. It was agreed that Mike Bower would stay on as one of the members representatives on the Committee but Phil advised that John Nelson was willing to take his place and he would stand down. As John wasn’t there to contradict Phil, he was voted on unanimously! A big vote of thanks to Phil for the work he has done over the past year and no doubt his services will be called upon again in the future.

a.      The proposal for a team competition was welcomed but the actual format was subject to a lengthy discussion. It was agreed that the feasibility of an additional meeting during the year for a Ryder cup event would be investigated and Vice-Captain Lee Hardy would act as focus.
b.      Proposed points league for the coming year. After a lengthy discussion a vote was taken and it was agreed that we would continue with the current Stableford points system again next year. However it was felt that 6 qualifying scores was a bit low and that we should go to 8. This was adopted after a vote.
c.      New Voting arrangements. A vote was taken and it was agreed that the voting outlined in the Constitution should be maintained.
d.      Presentation Night. All confirmed for the Riva Lounge and Bill will be confirming arrangements separately.
e.      Buffer to be applied to handicaps. Mike Bower suggested that we introduce a buffer system to the calculation of handicaps in line with the practice of many golf clubs. Members were content with the current system and that the current system was easy to understand and the same for everybody, and the proposal not adopted after a vote.
f.      The meeting voted to re-establish the hole-in-one prize and for it to be set at £250 and that increasing this should be reviewed at each AGM if finances allow.
g.      Steve Clarke confirmed that the 21st Anniversary event for May 2020 is still on the cards and members should start saving both funds and brownie points as it will be held over a week.

Meeting closed by the Secretary at 1805.



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