Formby Golf Club

The weather forecast leading up to the weekend was a mix of thunder, lighting and snow so there was some anticipation as to what conditions we would run into. Thankfully the rain never came and the hail that filled its place was patchy at best. The wind was manageable for the front nine but kicked up on the way in and no doubt caused difficulty for the majority of players, apart from the captain apparently! The course itself held up well considering the amount of rain we’ve had so all in all no complaints to be made.

Due to the conditions scoring was difficult with a median score of just 26 points, the lowest so far this season. It was tight at the top with Dan Witterick coming in with a score of 36 points to take the victory by 1 shot.

At the bottom the spoon was won by 4 clear shots and 14 points, onwards and upwards.

For full schedule see; 11th February – Formby Golf Club

Long Drive – Daniel Foode

NP – Martyn Wilson

NP2 – Daniel Foode

We completed 4 of the 2nd round Match Play ties, details of which are on the Match Play page.

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

The next competition is Prestatyn on the 4th of March, see you all there!

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