Leasowe Golf Club – Latest

Well, what a difference a month makes! As we move into winter we would usually expect worsening conditions, however Leasowe was on top form and so were half of FFGS. For the first time in as long as I can remember we had 3 players score over 40 points and a handful not too far off joining them, the median score was 34 points, which with 25 participants shows how well the course was playing. The winner has spent a lot of time improving his game away from FFGS and came in with a whopping 44 points to squeeze out Dave Hadden by a point and claim the trophy as well as a 4 stroke cut, well played Andy Hanson. A worthy mention to Barry and Bill who are now playing off 26 and 27 respectively, well done chaps.

As per last month the bottom of the table was as hard fought as the top with 3 players within 1 point of each other, the winner of the wooden spoon came in with 20 points (a season high losing score as consolation?)

For full schedule see; 3rd December 2017 – Leasowe Golf Club or Leasowe

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standing see Current Season.

The next competition is Formby Ladies on the 7th of Jan, see you all there!

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