Chester Golf Club

The most accurate description of this course is “Tree Lined”…very tree lined. Those who strayed off the tee weren’t punished by drop shots from hazards but a psychologically exhausting search for their balls under a myriad of leaves with the result an inevitable chip out or Seve style approach shot to the green. Alternatively you could just by-pass the trees completely and play from the next fairway, I witnessed the most obtuse angle of approach to a par 5 green I’ve ever seen, 100yds at 90 degrees!  As for the greens I thought they were immaculate for this time of year, quick, true and awarded a good feel for pace.

We had a strong turn out this month with 26 members, the field generally scored well with the second lowest score being 25 points and a good percentage above the magic 30 point mark. With the final groups coming in it looked like the winning score would be in the high 30’s but a player blew everyone away with the joint highest score since we starting keeping track 9 years ago, all off a handicap of 16. The winner with a round of 45 points was Simon Davies, belting performance. I can’t remember anyone winning by 7 clear shots in a field of 26 players so goes to show just how good that 45 was.

For the spoon I would like to remind everyone of the sterling review we gave this player last month, “Although there were a number of strong performances one of our more decorated members did his usual trick of tearing up the course which was epitomised by two 2’s. With a winning score of 40 points (off 13!)….soon enough I’m sure you’ll find a handicap that represents your general level of play however before that you’ll have to keep upsizing that trophy cabinet!” HOW WRONG WE WERE. The spoon was won with 17 points, 8* clear of the closest competitor!

There were a number of Matchplay ties on the day, the results of which can be found at Round 1.

For full schedule see; 4th Nov 2018 – Chester Golf Club

Long Drive – Martyn Wilson (aka Alex W)

NP – Mike Bower

NP2 – Lee Hardy

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you all at Heswall Golf Club on the 9th of December!

*Biggest margin ever seen!

2017/ 2018 FFGS AGM – Notes from the Secretary


Sunday 7th October 2018, Sale Golf Club, 22 in attendance (66%).

Agenda Item

1.      Colin and Lee welcomed everybody to the meeting.
2.      The Secretary’s report. A wide and varied range of courses have been played this year taking in most of the neighbouring counties. The health of the society was highlighted by the high attendance at nearly all the meetings held, with an average attendance at 25 (23 members 2 guests), and the Committee have been able to keep the average cost of our golf below £35. Members were asked for suggestions of courses they would like to play or any they particularly don’t want to visit again, but the general census from the floor was that all the courses were enjoyable and we should continue in the same vein next year.
3.      Treasurers report. The treasurer produced the balance sheet for this year and despite a big hole being made by the award of the hole-in-one prize, the finances of the society are still healthy. It was agreed that the subscriptions should remain at £5 per month (£60 per year). The accounts have been audited throughout the year and the final accounts will be audited shortly.
4.      Approval of the Society’s constitution. The reasons behind the need to formalise the constitution were explained by the Secretary and copies of the draft constitution had been circulated to all members before the meeting for comment. The draft constitution was unanimously agreed and adopted.
5. Election of Officers. The Captain has been appointed in a separate vote. The Secretary and Treasurer were prepared to stay on for another year and in the absence of any challengers, no vote was taken and Evan and Bill will continue to act in these roles. However, the Treasurer does not wish to continue in post for the following year (2019-2020) so we will be looking for a volunteer during the course of the year. It was agreed that Mike Bower would stay on as one of the members representatives on the Committee but Phil advised that John Nelson was willing to take his place and he would stand down. As John wasn’t there to contradict Phil, he was voted on unanimously! A big vote of thanks to Phil for the work he has done over the past year and no doubt his services will be called upon again in the future.

a.      The proposal for a team competition was welcomed but the actual format was subject to a lengthy discussion. It was agreed that the feasibility of an additional meeting during the year for a Ryder cup event would be investigated and Vice-Captain Lee Hardy would act as focus.
b.      Proposed points league for the coming year. After a lengthy discussion a vote was taken and it was agreed that we would continue with the current Stableford points system again next year. However it was felt that 6 qualifying scores was a bit low and that we should go to 8. This was adopted after a vote.
c.      New Voting arrangements. A vote was taken and it was agreed that the voting outlined in the Constitution should be maintained.
d.      Presentation Night. All confirmed for the Riva Lounge and Bill will be confirming arrangements separately.
e.      Buffer to be applied to handicaps. Mike Bower suggested that we introduce a buffer system to the calculation of handicaps in line with the practice of many golf clubs. Members were content with the current system and that the current system was easy to understand and the same for everybody, and the proposal not adopted after a vote.
f.      The meeting voted to re-establish the hole-in-one prize and for it to be set at £250 and that increasing this should be reviewed at each AGM if finances allow.
g.      Steve Clarke confirmed that the 21st Anniversary event for May 2020 is still on the cards and members should start saving both funds and brownie points as it will be held over a week.

Meeting closed by the Secretary at 1805.



Sale Golf Club


The secretary raised his hand and admitted to “cocking up” after the mass confusion caused by the order of play, however it didn’t deter the 22 who turned up who were treated to a fine course and great weather on the day. The course had a well-protected parkland layout with tall trees lining most holes. With a pleasant par 5 to start, this course felt longer than most and rewarded accuracy off the tee and strong approach play (as per most courses!). There were a number of challenging holes with raised greens however on the whole the course was fair. The club provided great hospitality which was very helpful for the annual AGM, a separate article will follow with a summary of the discussions had. Shout out to Phil.D for persisting with shorts! Holding on to every last bit of summer.

Although there were a number of strong performances one of our more decorated members did his usual trick of tearing up the course which was epitomised by two 2’s. With a winning score of 40 points (off 13!), well done Josh Hadden….soon enough I’m sure you’ll find a handicap that represents your general level of play however before that you’ll have to keep upsizing that trophy cabinet!

The spoon was won with 17 points, 3 clear of the closest competitor.

There were a number of matchplay ties on the day, the results of which can be found at Round 1.

Thanks to Mike.B and Bill.C for the write up albeit with some slight paraphrasing from myself.

For full schedule see; 7th Oct – Sale Golf Club

Long Drive – Daniel Foode

NP – Bill Carpenter

NP2 – Josh Hadden

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you all at Chester Golf Club on the 4th of November!!

Shaw Hill Golf Club, Captain’s Day

Firstly I’d like to congratulate this years captain for a fantastic season, he shouldered more responsibility than a lot of his predecessors and even managed to achieve the inaugural society hole-in-one. His last duty was to host this year’s Captain’s Day which he did in his usual fly by the seat of his pants style with a great, not at all drawn out, joke to finish. Thanks Colin, tough act to follow!

So, we reached the climax of the season with a palpable hue of anticipation in the air. The secretary had divvied up handicaps and created some strong pairings for the morning session of Texas Scramble which served as a light warm up for the afternoon. There was a strong turnout and with all the teams being four balls only a minimal adjustment was required to even up the scoring therefore it was pretty much a level playing field throughout. The course was tough therefore scoring wasn’t as low as recent years however the successful foursome came in with a respectable -2 gross to secure the win, well done John Aylward, Mike Kirkland, Steve Waddelove and Andy Davies.

The morning served as one of two things, a nice warm up for a fiercely competitive afternoon, or in my case, a peak from which I would steadily decline, thankfully the former for most members. The course was challenging from both a technical and physical perspective. The first few holes consisted of significant gradients and bends which made club selection and general course management difficult, the safe option quite often the being the best option. In general however the rough was forgiving and if you found yourself in trouble, with a good line of sight you could recover, the trick was getting a good line of sight! Condition wise we couldn’t complain. Heavy rain fell the previous day but there was little evidence on the course with both decent greens and no real standing water, the ditches however were brimming and claimed a good few balls no doubt.

The winner came as no real surprise as since joining he’s been within touching distance of a number of wins. This time however no-one could even get close and he claimed victory by a whopping 5 shots with 41 points which is made more impressive by an average score of 27 and the largest field of the season at 28. Well done Daniel Foode

The spoon was won by 1 point and 14 points total, not the lowest of the season but certainly one of the hardest courses.

As a side note the hole-in-one prize cheque was presented to Colin Davies for his heroics on the 18th hole at Ellesmere Golf Club, he informed the members of his intention to contribute “at least £750” to a charitable cause, golf lessons count as charity right?

For full schedule see; 9th of September, Shaw Hill – Captains Day

Long Drive – Dave Hadden (Again!)

NP – Dan Foode

NP2 – Zip, Nadda, No-one (Again)

For final League, Helix and Matchplay standings see 2017/ 2018 Season. The Matchplay draw for the first round of the new season has been announced, see First Round for details.

See you all next year when I’ll be your new Captain and remember to vote for the vice captaincy!

Ellesmere Golf Club

As per the images above the big headline of the day was that after 20 years of trying…20 years!! we finally found a man worthy of the illusive hole-in-one, and yes, Colin was picking his own ball out of the cup. Congrats Pa, never thought i’d see the day. I’d like to add that the green was described as a “German Helmet” by Campbell whilst on the adjacent practice green which makes it even more impressive. For those of you wondering apparently it was a beautifully struck 5 iron which took two solid bounces before rolling serenely into the hole, all with an adoring gallery watching from the 19th hole. Great stuff!

Now, back to the reason we were all there! Course – Brilliant, Weather – Brilliant, Competition – Brilliant, today was a good day at the society. With the warm, dry weather of the last month areas of the course were somewhat scorched however the greens were in great shape and proved a good challenge with some interesting topography. We had a solid attendance of 25 members with a couple of guests which led to a very competitive leaderboard. There was a 3 way tie on 35 points before the final group came in to take all three podium spots with 36, 37 and 38. The winner of the group and subsequently the day was Simon Warne, congrats Simon.

To add to the excitement we also had the matchplay final between Josh Hadden and Simon Warne and even though Simon won on Stableford it was Josh Hadden who won the match 2&1. Congrats Josh on adding another major to an already bulging trophy cabinet. Big thanks to Mike.B for organising throughout the year.

The spoon was open to interpretation this month, either way it was an easy victory for the eventual winner by 6 shots.

For full schedule see; 5th Aug 2018 – Ellesmere Golf Club

Long Drive – Zach Jones

NP – Colin Davies! Hole in ONE!!!

NP2 – Phil Draper & Dave Hadden

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

See you all at Shaw Hill on the 9th of September!!

Sutton Hall Golf Club


The good weather (not so “good” for some eh Dave) continued for yet another month for what turned out to be tightly run race. Apparently the heat took it’s toll with the most scorecard errors this season, the commitee and more specifically Mike.B sypathise admitting they struggled as well.

Numbers dropped a little this month (I suspect due to the summer holidays fast approaching) with 21 members and a couple of guests turning out. Scores were generally quite cramped with the majority of players within 5 either side of the median score of 28 for the day. Two players however jumped the pack to tie for the lead on 37 with the winner snatching victory with a surprisingly low 16 on the back 9 (vs. 15), shows how good the front 9 must have been, well deserved and well done Josh Hadden.

The spoon was won by 1 shot and 18 points.

For full schedule see; 1st July 2018 – Sutton Hall

Long Drive – Josh Hadden

NP – Colin Davies

NP2 – Mark Campbell

With this being the 10th event of the season the majors are starting to heat up, the Helix trophy is now very tight with a number of players within striking distance.

For current League, Helix and Matchplay standings see Current Season.

We’ve been blessed with good weather for the last 3 or 4 events, long may it continue, touch wood (didn’t even have to change this from the last event!)! The next event is Ellesmere on the 5th of August