Next Event – Formby Ladies, 14th Jan @ 10:54am, £20- 40

As per last weekend…keep your drivers at home for this one, 5 and 7 irons are the order of the day. The next event is Formby Ladies with the first tee at 10:54am, no bacon barms this month so arrive as and when you like for tea and/ or coffee; soup and sandwiches are included afterwards. The cost is £40 for non members (F.G.C.), £20 for members, please let Evan know if you’d like to attend or not.

Formby Ladies


Previous winners include John Nelson in 2010, Alan Wix in 2014 and Mark Campbell in 2017 (primarily because they all play like women) with 39, 41 & 42 respectively. To account for the course Standard Scratch Score (67 compared to the par score of 71) we are applying an adjustment of (-)4 shots to handicapping for the event. OR NOT!

Hope to see you all there

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